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About the Site

As the tag line suggests, this site is all about Arsenal FC. It is intended to share my passion for this remarkable football club with fellow Gooners and football enthusiasts in general.

You can know a bit more about me by visiting About the Author page. It’s fairly short, I promise!

Views expressed on this site are purely the author’s and those of the contributors commentors and do not represent the official views of Arsenal Football Club and/or it’s employees. That’s the mumbo-jumbo.

Whilst you are free to voice your opinion, please display respect for a different point of view in the way you present your own arguments. Let the voice of reason speak to you first, especially after undesirable match results.

Personally, I prefer avoiding profanity as much as possible – it just doesn’t sound that good in writing. Still, I have no problem with you swearing. However, foul language in direct attacks will not be tolerated i.e. do not call me, other contributors, teams or players ‘fucking idiots’. At best, I will edit the  comments I deem offensive while still preserving your viewpoint. At worst, you will automatically be led into the Spam list where you shall remain until, well, for a long time anyway. These are the house rules.

All articles on this site are copyrighted. Please contact the author using the form below if you wish to reproduce any content in part or in full. Generally, this will not be a problem and a link back to this site will suffice on most occassions. But do ask first.

You can also use the form below for feedback and general queries.

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