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Sahin Suspense, Tiote Tattle, Speedy Santos And Eager Eduardo

He definitely will, yet he might not. We’re talking of Nuri Sahin of course. It’s certain the Turkish international will leave Real Madrid on loan this summer but there’s still a possibility he could join a club other than Arsenal. That depends on what you read – Jose Mourinho suggests no agreement has been reached yet while the Daily Mail claim Arsenal have already got their man.

With a visit to the gentle folk of Stoke City round the corner, it would’ve been nice to get another new signing working with the team and perhaps featuring on the bench. In fact if Sahin had joined a few days ago, I suspect Arsene would have played him alongside Arteta rather than risk Abou Diaby against those reckless thugs at the Britannia.

The hold up is apparently because Arsenal want an option to buy the player at the end of the season while Real are reluctant to agree to such a clause. That is an encouraging sign, an indication that the player is rated by Mourinho and the coaching staff at Madrid. One tends to be suspicious if players coming into their prime are let go too easily by their clubs. Hopefully the deal will go through soon and Nuri turns out to be the player we all expect him to be.

In the meantime, the papers are linking us to other midfielders. Besides the never-ending rumours surrounding Yann M’Vila, Cheik Tiote of Newcastle is the latest on Arsenal’s radar, beeping incessantly. Well not quite incessantly but beeping nevertheless, according to the Metro.

As far as I’m concerned, two factors make discussion of the player’s merits and demerits totally redundant. The first is that Tiote was a key member in last season’s team so Newcastle are unlikely to part with him easily. The second is that the midfielder has a contract with the Magpies until 2017. Arsenal would find it extremely difficult and time-consuming to negotiate an acceptable fee for the Ivorian. Of course Tiote could do a Song and arrive late for work, hoping to force a transfer.

One Arsenal player who’s gone to extreme lengths to avoid being late for training is Andre Santos. It emerged yesterday that the ever-smiling Brazilian was arrested on Friday morning after cops managed to stay on his tail during a 130mph chase which culminated near London Colney. He’s been bailed out for now but will be taken into custody again in mid-September. Perhaps his lawyer is already working on an insanity plea.

It’s anyone’s guess what drove Andre to such driving. It’s disturbing too because you wouldn’t normally associate the genial defender with such reckless behaviour. True, he does like to bomb forward without worrying too much about that door he’s leaving open behind him but that’s on a football pitch. 130mph is seriously worrying. Hopefully it’s just a one-off, a rush of adrenaline caused by all those pies he consumed that morning.

Elsewhere, an ex-Gunner has given his verdict on Robin van Persie and Alex Song’s exits. The much-loved Eduardo thinks Arsene Wenger has made a mistake in letting these players go. At the same time, the Croatian international admits we still have a good team that can fight to stay in the top four this season.

Eduardo then goes on to suggest Arsenal could benefit from having him in the team.

If I played for Arsenal now I could score some important goals from nothing – in games like Sunderland, when it’s 0-0 and you score the only goal. My studying of the game is like that.

I can give you a lot of important points. I think Arsenal are missing some players like that. You never know.

It’s certainly a no-holds-barred, come-and-get-me plea. Which is surprising considering his criticism of Arsenal’s transfer policy earlier in the piece. Perhaps a gentler approach would have been more productive. On the other hand, Eduardo is a genuinely likeable player and I guess he was speaking from the heart.

Recent comments by Everton’s new signing Kevin Mirallas suggest Arsenal are still in the market for a striker. Not someone who would be considered first choice but a player willing to sit on the bench while still capable of making a difference when called upon.

The Brazil-born ex-Gunner fits that bill and while his remarks may seem like hard-sell, the little striker was always highly regarded by Arsene Wenger. He would most certainly be an improvement on Ju Young Park. In addition, he has unfinished business at Arsenal and I doubt wages and transfer fee would be a problem either.

It’s not so far-fetched really and I think Eduardo knows it himself – hence the pitch. Lehmann, Henry and Campbell all returned for second stints at Arsenal. Could Eduardo be next in line?

Back with more tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “Sahin Suspense, Tiote Tattle, Speedy Santos And Eager Eduardo

  1. goonerlove on said:

    this is simply one really …… totally fantastic only if i would love to see Eduardo back

  2. I expect Sahin to arrive. Arsenal would be mad not to sign at least one replacement for song. Interesting views from Eduardo too.

  3. This is a SUMPTUOUSLY-GARNISHED outlay of Arsenal news for the past-week. Nuri-Sahin is already a GOONER, Newcastle’s Cheik-Tiote’s look-in is highly unlikely, Jesus-Navas coming’ll be GOOD, sorry Andre-Santos. Kevin-Mirallas and Eduardo are Busy-Bodies.

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