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Van Persie And Walcott Talks This Week

Welcome to Crunch-Talks Week at Arsenal.

Robin van Persie returned to London yesterday and had a medical at the club. Medicals usually precede the announcement of new signings, don’t they? In this case though, it was just a routine check-up by Arsenal physios to ensure Robin hasn’t lost too much weight looking for a new house in Manchester.

There is talk that Arsene Wenger might force Van Persie to join the travelling party to the Far East, even if the Dutchman were to leave later in the summer. Like most fans, I think that would be a bad idea. Unless Arsenal intend to use the player next season regardless of his contract situation, taking someone whose future is uncertain will only create avoidable tension in the camp – especially if the player involved is as high-profile, influential and out-spoken as Van Persie.

On the other hand, transfers are dependant on player’s preferred destination, clubs negotiating a fee and personal terms being agreed, among others. Arsenal may have a figure in mind for allowing Robin’s transfer, and if that price is not immediately met, the club would negotiate patiently than allow the buying club to grab the player at whatever figure they can come up with. I am certain the club got a better deal for Cesc Fabregas by being patient than if we’d agreed to sell the Spaniard at Barcelona’s first asking.

Leaving a player at home strengthens the negotiating position of the buying club – Arsenal would virtually announce to all suitors that Van Persie is not part of our plans for the coming season. Secondly, while negotiations continue behind the scenes but with no certainty of the player being sold, the manager has to ensure that if a transfer does not materialise, he can use that player at the start of the season. Hence, perhaps, the inclusion of Samir Nasri on last season’s tour and speculation of Robin Van Persie being forced to travel to Malaysia and China this year.

In an ideal world, a contract extension or sale will be completed before the team leaves for Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. Let’s face it though, it’s unlikely that a resolution can be found by then – I fully expect the Van Persie saga to drag on for a bit longer.

The other player with whom talks are reported to be scheduled this week is Theo Walcott. Both Chelsea and Liverpool are believed to be interested. While he doesn’t always deliver, I think Arsenal should hang on to Walcott because he will have a blinder of a season one of these years. I would rather it’s with us after all the patience we’ve shown with him.

Even with Theo, wage demands could prove to be a stumbling block. With Van Persie, you can claim that a £150k-a-week salary would be justified but is Theo Walcott really worth the £100k-a-week the media claims he’s demanding? Walcott’s case is symptomatic of the difficulties in retaining players – if Chelsea are serious, they will most likely be able to offer that compensation to a player who has only performed in fits and starts.

More tomorrow. 


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12 thoughts on “Van Persie And Walcott Talks This Week

  1. Ibrahim jimoh on said:

    Gooner’s where are we going dis season

  2. Tomkay on said:

    Let both of dem (walcort &vrp) be sel 4 beta replacement. Mr injure (rvp) wil surely av anoda in dis season. Even mr 100ms, let him go and represent england in 100ms race. He fail 2 improve and he want increase in wages. Beta sel dem mr wenger. Gunners 4 life!!!!

  3. Ayodeji on said:

    £150per week is not 2much 4 rvp & theo £100 a week is not 2 much, highly wages is not 2much 4 most important player. Mikel in chech £90 per week, imagine song (mr rock) take 55 per week is unfair, we can ‘t compare mikel & song 2geda. Any player dat insist to let go n get money in anoda club gud dey.

  4. sellarshavin on said:

    Someone says this every week, wouldn’t be surprised if they were both concluded in the last week of the transfer period.

  5. Gunners never buld its team around some players, player comes and they go, Gunners remain, anybody that wants to leave simply because of moooooneeya, shold allow to go, by God’s willing we are going there this season.

  6. chambala on said:

    i don’t think walcolt deserve 90k or 100k per week may be 70 to 80 this is the problem of English players need big salary while the poor performance

  7. tuncasjo on said:

    Wenger is achieving his aim by using Arsenal as feeder team for mtd city and barca and to make money.why is it dt wenger can not useless prayers in d team.Arsenal fans in English lynch wenger n send him away

  8. Aussie Jack on said:

    I suppose we could have him hang around and play him as a sub til Christmas but that`s very unprofessional and childish. Leave him at home by all means and concentrate on our new boys then let him go to the highest bidder before the window closes.

  9. gunner on said:

    i just hope v sell RVP for around 15 to 20 million n being in a CAM along with defensive midfielder……..arsenal will still have strong squad………..
    n i wish RVP to get injured again as soon as he signs for another club
    what does dat ba@#$%d thinks he is……..he could score all the goals since all the other players were passing the ball to him oly by being self less………he couldnt score a sitter in the milan game to make it 4-0

    robin can never become batman!!!

  10. Thiery on said:

    I think Walcot needs Arsenal more than how Arsenal needs him! His middle name is inconsistency and leaving Arsenal will take up to Wright Phillips route…

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