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Today’s Combos: Dzeko-Robin, Koscielny-Barcelona, Frimpong-Trouble

It’s quiet on the Arsenal news front. With Robin Van Persie expected back at the club sometime later this week, the news stories in the meantime are the same old speculations on the Dutchman’s future at the Emirates.

Ray Parlour has joined the RvP debate too. The ‘Romford Pele’ feels that if our current club captain moves to City, Arsenal should look to secure Edin Dzeko in return. But with Giroud already on-board, it’s difficult to see the Gunners moving for another tall fair handsome striker. And with their exorbitant wage demands, there is a good reason the current direction of transfers between the two clubs is Arsenal to City and not the other way around.

The one City player I would love to see at Arsenal is Kolo Toure. He seems destined to move out of Manchester this summer, Turkey a likely destination. If the ex-Gunner is willing to take a wage cut, Arsenal could do worse than signing him as defensive reinforcement. The Ivorian may not be at his imperial best, but he’ll certainly provide better defensive back-up than Squillaci. Also, he’s always a very popular character and his experience, positivity and camaraderie would help the dressing room immensely.

Apparently, Barcelona are interested in signing Laurent Koscielny to solve their defensive problems. Of course, Arsenal would never sell the Frenchman this summer but the defender’s current deal runs down in 2014. The club is already is discussions to extend his contract by a further three years. If Arsenal are successful in doing that, we would be in a better position to dictate terms to the likes of Barcelona and City with a long-term player commitment in our favour.

There’s a lot written about how Arsenal are sloppy in allowing contracts of key players to run down until their last year. In my opinion, most of this criticism is harsh and does not take the realities into account. Koscielny’s current situation is exactly the same we faced with Robin van Persie last summer, when the club offered him an extension but the Dutchman chose not to discuss it at the time.

If Laurent Koscielny doesn’t sign extension now, he will have only a year left on his contract at the end of next season. It’s not ideal but what should the club do if the Frenchman refuses to discuss terms at present? Should Arsene Wenger sell him now and risk destabilising the defense or invite judgement on Arsenal’s contract policies at the end of next season?

Football wages are so inflated at present that it’s the players who are in control of the situation. If Koscielny wishes, he could take a chance on his form and fitness and wait another year. If he continues his impressive form from last season, he can then force Arsenal at the end of May 2013 to make a better offer or invite attention from clubs such as Manchester City.

Remember also that players appoint an agent to do their financial thinking for them and you can be sure Koscielny’s agent is presently advising him to wait a year or seek very favourable terms at present. And if Arsenal gamble and offer Koscielny a bumper deal now, there is always the danger that the Frenchman could get injured or suffer a loss of form. In which case, the club will get heavily criticized for being tied down to ‘deadwood’ on a long-term deal.

It’s a tough situation. As fans, I feel we should consider these factors before being too judgemental on the club’s actions in contracts negotiations.

On a separate note, Emmanuel Frimpong is once again in the news, this time for a tweet-fight with a Tots supporter. Regardless of whether the word ‘yid’ is considered offensive or not, Frimpong continues to disappoint with his antics on Twitter. Every player has a different personality and I appreciate that the Ghanaian is a forceful character. But at this stage of his footballing career, he would do well to get off the social networks, keep a low profile off the field and let his football do the talking.

That’s all for today. Back with more thoughts tomorrow.


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13 thoughts on “Today’s Combos: Dzeko-Robin, Koscielny-Barcelona, Frimpong-Trouble

  1. kelvin on said:

    that will be great for us having van persie and podoski I hope he will stay there

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  3. Agree with yoi about the contracts. finally someone who sees it how it is. when should the club have offered rvp a double your money long term deal? when he was lying on the treatment table.for the 17th time in his arsenal career having averaged 20 starts a season and around 12 goals? No they offered him a new contract as soo. as he proved his fitness and still with more than 2 years to run. for crying out loud if you are offering someone a 4 year deal you cant then offer him a new one a year later it is insane! it club renewing our season ticket in june and then offering to renew for the next season in september!!

    However have to.disagree with u about toure replacing squillaci. lets put it this way. squillaci was our 10th defender last season. wenger usually uses just 9 but because of injuries to 5 defenders at the same time. defenders 9 (miquel) and 10 got more matches than usual. how many well between them they started 9 and managed 6 sub appearances in 4 competitions. bartley has already been promoted to the squad as our 9th defender. the 10th defender slot will currently be between miquel squillaci yennaris angha boateng meade. seeing as toure or squillaci would take up a place in the 25 i would much rather all those 5 youngsters be added to the first team squad and given 1 match each than play toure or squillaci for what a possible 4 or 5 matches.

  4. Aussie Jack on said:

    In OZ we say of a mindless persons brain “up there for dancing”. Social networking on Twitter is great for young teenage girls who are going through the `giggling` stage but not for professional footballers of any age. Restrictions and disciplinary action needs to be taken by the clubs. Freedom of speech is no longer a privilege, social networking has put pay to that.

    • chris on said:

      Well said. And as I am sure you know we whitewashed you Aussies in the recent cricket matches. (whoops sorry about the word … white)

  5. Joseeph abbey on said:

    Will need some over horlling in this club if someone siad he want go will always fear as if he is our saviuor rvp spend morethan three season without helping us get a trouph wonder why will are beging hinm now enry left an some else come maybe this is our time

  6. Psalm on said:

    Dzeko i pray by no means shd com to arsenal,afta ibra’s deal Ac might be our best seling option in times of revenue if they fall out wit city on price.and we can get a jovetic and walcott seems to be on his way ben arfa to help rosicky and can also play on d right wit vela arshavin and chamahk my sure buy would be moses wit a low income to fortiy our attack and make it a fotress or an arsenal

  7. nicky on said:

    An excellent comment with which I totally agree.
    Whether it’s due to greedy agents or the players themselves, I’ve long felt that wanting to re-negotiate a contract as soon as it has been signed is the height of madness. It could never happen in real life.
    Today’s post above, draws attention to the fact that present wages are so inflated that players are now in control of the business of running a football club. When the Bosman ruling and other improvements affecting the life of professional footballers were introduced, it was never intended that the” wheel should turn full circle”.
    One day this wages bubble is going to burst, as it should do unless a return to some form of sanity can be found.

  8. Ivan Nadiope, kampala uganda on said:

    I the deal for RVP in exchange for Dzeko will work for us the Gunners and don’t think whether Koscienly can leave arsenal now!!

  9. ZGunner on said:

    I think the Kosceilny report is rubbish… Laurent couldn’t wait for Giroud to join him at Arsenal.

  10. Ondgooner on said:

    U just sound like an agent to Mr. Koscienly. Shut up & stop giving these players ideas & inflated perceptions of their worth!
    They read these blogs u know & I wonder what he will be thinking after having read urs.

  11. temigunga on said:

    The problem with English football is that: It is played more in the media than in the pitch!! People play in the media smoothly but when they come to the pitch – Injuries, defeats etc!

  12. OJOMO on said:

    I have d sneaky suspicion that rvp. will end up doing a Rooney u- turn. d odss are heavilly stacked against him. yomi

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