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Making Sense Of Munich Madness And Wright Is Wrong

Since the thumping of the spuds in February and our subsequent climb into third place, I felt there was a lull in the negativity that seems to perennially accompany Arsenal Football Club, not only in the media but also on ‘true’ supporter websites – the people who feel more entitled to have their opinions heard because they hold a season ticket or one fanshare in the club.

While these sites still managed to find something adverse to say even in victories, the venom with which these verdicts were delivered appeared to have lost some potency. Unsurprisingly, that cynicism has returned in full measure now – Chelsea’s Champions League ‘triumph’ the latest catalyst for another round of everyone’s favorite recreational pastime, Lets-Have-A-Go-At-The-Arsenal.

First, let’s get one thing absolutely clear – Chelsea are arguably the most undeserving and fortunate winners of the Champions League ever. And I don’t write this with any jealousy or bitterness – they fought hard and played to their strengths. They could have crumbled against Barcelona but they held firm, they had a plan and they executed it.

Undeniably though, they were aided in this effort by huge slices of luck – not just in the final but all through the knock-out stages of the competition. In a season where we got some idea of how Alice must have felt on her first visit down the rabbit hole, it was fitting that Chelsea won the European Cup – and I am not for a second begrudging their fans for what is definitely a historic moment for them.

We’ve had our own slices of good fortune this season – the win at Liverpool was achieved without playing particularly well, Szczesny should have been sent off against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and Koscielny was lucky to escape punishment against Norwich. Sometimes in football, there’s only a fine margin of luck that separates glory and disgrace – and all teams should enjoy the glory when luck falls their way.

What annoys me though are the pronouncements made by so-called Arsenal ‘supporters’.

Chelsea’s instant-success philosophy has NOT been vindicated by winning the Champions League. They are still facing a massive overhauling at the club with most of their squad well into their thirties. Yes, winning the European Cup will help that rebuilding but their league form, where they tried to play football, is suggestive of the struggles that await them in the near future. Also, lady luck has a way of seducing you for a time and then kicking you in the balls just when you start enjoying it, so don’t expect good fortune to last for any team for too long.

Ashley Cole did NOT move to Chelsea for this, he went for personal gain. The fact that they did win the coveted trophy just gives him a reason to justify the move, more to himself than anyone else. Still, he left Arsenal of his choice and what he says and does doesn’t bother me at all.

What does bother me is when a legend like Ian Wright goes on Twitter to call Arsenal fans ‘mugs’ in defense of Ashley Cole’s statements. Maybe Wrighty has an agenda I am not aware of because there have been other times too when he seems unhappy in our victories and gloats at our rival’s achievements. While he did make a lame effort at an apology later, it’s disheartening for me personally because when I first started following the club it was Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright that got me loving the Arsenal.

I guess these are just by-products of our seven-year itch and when we do win a trophy, everyone and everything will be forgiven if not forgotten. But presently, let’s not make more of the Chelsea victory than what it is – pure divine intervention in a season of glorious uncertainties. Let’s do the right things at Arsenal and hopefully the rub of the green will favour us someday soon and help us achieve our own glory.

Until tomorrow.


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14 thoughts on “Making Sense Of Munich Madness And Wright Is Wrong

  1. roy gunner on said:

    I’d like 2 say that you’re full of shit and this article is total rubbish! Arsenal fans have de right ???? be uncomfortable at the wake of Chelsea’s european triumph! We deserve a trophy! It’s been 7 years,buh what do we get? Arsene wenger is scouting a 17yr old! He gotta go like AVB,he(Wenger) is hindering our success!

    • *comment edited of abuse*

    • samuel on said:

      So Chelsea won the CL with a lot of luck,which Arsenal with Arsene Wenger doe
      sn,t seem to have ,so change the luck by getting rid of the very person who brings
      bad luck to the club,the manager Wenger?

    • Mike the max on said:

      Are you one of the same mugs who was saying exactly the same thing about the ox last year. You should be more balanced, the last seventeen year old we scouted is playing for England at the euros.

      @the poster, nice balanced post, don’t be put of by these miserable and probably hen pecked types. It’s probably the only chance they get to complain as they spend their lives being nagged.

  2. Deshola on said:

    Nice post!..what bottered most was not attack on arsenal fc from traitors like Ashley cole and Nasir in the past weeks but insult from so called arsenal legend, Ian wright..i don’t care whether he apologise or not. We all know which side he belongs to now and we wil treat him without respect…he hates arsenal, he was the one that convinced his adopted son, wright phillip to dump arsenal fc and choose chelsea fc when arsenal and chelsea were looking for his service. I hope wright philip wil be forever grateful for his advice now, he is warming bench @ QPR…nobody even considered him for a place in england squard for Euro 2012. When our own walcott and ox wil be showing their skills there…whether arsenal win trophy or not for now, the class wil always speak for any of our players…

  3. Yes AFC will start by motivating the stars they have by buying proven stars to help them push for honours and not using the slim stars they’ve got as their money making venture.

  4. raajqtex on said:

    Why ‎​Cαη† ωε learn to stop using abusive word uneccessary. “This guy ιѕ not full of shit an †нє article ιѕ not rubish” som1 called wenger a badluck….. ι dnt киσω ωεn wenger hav become a badluck 4 arsenal, †нє best years ι hav had as arsenal fan ιѕ †нє 15 yrs dat wenger spent as arsenal manager. sσ ωε shuld вє mindfull of our words. Just bcos chelsea won Champs league ιѕ nt †нє end of †нє world, our time shall come an our luck will shine

  5. Fourth is like a trophy. That kind of trophy is worth 30M a year to the board with very little investments. Why invest lots of real money on players just to win a piece of silver that’s worth maybe 10K at most in the precious metal market. The club is returning great profits every year. 110M in cash reserve alone. We fans should congratulate the board and the manager for such an achievement. It’s unheard of in the crazy football world.

  6. kehinde fela ibrahim on said:

    I don’t like Ashley Cole but if u read his book as a person you will understand why he left the Great Arsenal,our legend Ian as a right and want these club to move forward like I do too but how do you explain it when Mr Wenger sell our best players and replace them with 17 or 19yrs old hmm ,believe me there is no future in these and chelsea leave them alone ,they are true champions and am still sad about these ,in 82 and 2006 when italy became the world champions it was share luck with negative football so leave chelsea alone,Let us hope that the board and Mr wenger does the right thing over the summer .long live Arsenal FC

  7. dagashini on said:

    When wenger said that arsenal has qualified for champions league for 15 consecutive seasons and that only 3 teams have managed to do that, why didn’t he complete the sentence with a phrase like” but arsenal is the only team among them that has not won the cup.” Why do you always wish your ex-players bad luck? You only do this to good players shows you love them because they are good players(conditional love) and you expect these same players to be loyal to the club unconditionally. You all loved Arshavin when he scored those goals against liverpool,you all wanted him to stay at arsenal but where was the love when he started miskicking the ball and suddenly you all wanted him to leave. Who knows may be ashley cole could have dropped form had it been he stayed at AFC for one more season. Sometimes these players need fresh challenge to perform,something to motivate them to sustain and improve on their performance. Did chelsea kill robben for leaving… you see anything wrong when AFC taps young players from their various clubs?did you see anything wrong when arsenal had to wait for chamakh to be free of contract before getting him? Why did it pain you so much when flamini left AFC just the way he left his ex-club? Do you think Fabianski is a happy man today?When other big clubs are trying to make smaller clubs richer what AFC does is to make them remain a small club forever with those peanut offers. All these bring bad luck to the club.You don’t have the right to crucify any player for leaving any club! Nothing is guaranteed in football.

    • As you’re a Chelsea fan, let me tell you that Vieira, Campbell, Henry, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Kolo Toure and Clichy are just a handful of great Arsenal players who’ve left in the last 6 years. All of them are loved by Gunners even though Kolo Toure, Clichy and Patrick Vieira are currently at City. Eduardo Da Silva got a rapturous applause when he returned to the Emirates with Shakhtar, even though we lost that game. What love or hate a player gets depends entirely on the conduct of the player himself.

      Also, trading in football is normal but Arsenal will always be different from your club because unlike Chelsea, we do not hire mercenaries – not yet at least. There’s a style and philosophy at the club, which may be flawed in terms of winning trophies, but is nevertheless a source of great pride for most supporters. Players like Nasri and Cole chase the money and then try to loud-mouth afterwards, which is what gets fans worked up. Of course, they have a choice if they want to leave, but should do so graciously and appreciate what the club has contributed to their development – because unlike at Chelsea, we actually develop these players by giving them a hell of a lot more opportunities than they would ever get on Roman’s Chelski bench.

      Most importantly, you’ve missed the whole point of the article – it is not a crucifixion of Cole, but of ex-Arsenal players and a few fans who are more than happy to run their own team down.

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