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Arsenal’s Wake Up Call: Back To Basics

It’s the day after the day after.

Just a quick observation before I forge into today’s post. For a newly launched blog, and ArsenalDepot is all of 18 days old, yesterday was the first time I had to write a post after an Arsenal loss. It’s only natural that fans would want to stay away from social media and footballing sites after a bad result. Still, I was unpleasantly surprised just how much the viewership falls the day after.

I realise now this is going to be a double whammy when we don’t do so well; the pain of dropped points combined with the loss of readership the next day.

On the other hand, it’s probably the writing. Ouch.

For once, Arsene Wenger was very candid in his assessment of the players’ performance, calling it poor and lacking ‘something’, which could be French for ‘determination’. He feels Arsenal need to go back to the drawing board:

We have to take distance with that and put things into perspective. We have to go back to basics; that means to win football games and win your fights first.

Elsewhere, the fallout continues unabated on Twitter and fanblogs, especially as the scum beat Swansea yesterday to draw level with us. Aaron Ramsey is currently everyone’s favorite scapegoat, the young midfielder being heavily criticised for his performance on Saturday.

Admittedly, his performances haven’t been the best this season, but Arsene Wenger’s insistence to play him on the left of midfield is certainly not helping the Welshman. This tactic of playing Rosicky and Ramsey together seems an unusually defensive one because it takes away the entire left side as an attacking threat. Especially when you’re playing against a team placed 18th on the table.

As LB correctly points out in Arsenal Arsenal’s review post yesterday, Ramsey presents a problem for the manager. Too good for the bench, but not enough to play. Wenger obviously rates him highly and sees him as the long term successor to Fabregas. He should be playing where Rosicky plays right now, but on recent form, it is difficult to drop the Czech.

And then there is the imminent return of Jack Wilshere from injury and Abou Diaby’s 3,879th comeback, just to make things interesting. Selection dilemmas looming on the horizon.

In other news, the Lukas Podolski deal is set to be announced anytime this week. The striker is said to have snubbed a late bid by Manchester United to join the Gunners, news which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling about him. Erm, I didn’t mean it that way, really.

Seriously though, I really like the look of Podolski and can’t wait to see him play in an Arsenal shirt. I hope we fans give him some time to settle into English football though, before passing judgement. Wishful thinking? I remember a youngster from Wales who rejected Manure for the Gunners not so long ago, and who is currently everyone’s favorite scapegoat.

In another piece of transfer gossip, Rennes’ defensive midfielder Yann M’Vila has hinted that playing for Arsene Wenger would be an enticing prospect for him. Rennes valuation of £22m will probably dissuade Arsenal however, with the injured duo of Francis Coquelin and maybe even Emmanuel Frimpong likely to be available next season as back up to Alex Song.

All for today, please comeback tomorrow. PLEASE!


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