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Arsene Wenger Urges Focus Ahead Of QPR, Alex And Andre Speak

Hello Gooners.

We are a day away from another weekend in the Barclays Premier League. A victory at Loftus Road is demanded and expected, such is the current good form of the Gunners and the not-so-good form of our hosts.

With the Spuds not playing until Sunday, it is an ideal opportunity to pile more pressure on the chocking cockerels before their home game with Swansea.

At other times in past seasons, visiting a team placed 18th on the table with the second worst home record in the premier league would be viewed with some glee and a sense of security. However, this season is unique and nothing is being taken for granted.

Arsene Wenger himself is not getting carried away, and is urging his players to keep focused as well.

This is the period where what we do matters the most, so we just want to keep our focus on this and not worry about anybody else’s results.

We are now at the stage of the season where every day in the Premier League seems to have turning points.

While we may gloat about the Inevitable Implosion of the Imbeciles from up the road, things can change quite quickly; we being the beneficiaries of their recent troubles. The job is certainly not done yet, and the Tots have an admittedly easier run in than us.

Having said that, I think we’ve seen enough over the past two months to suggest that this team will deal with any unpleasant surprises that fate, or referees, may spring forth in their path.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says he always believed the Gunners had the quality to produce the kind of form they’re now showing.  He was talking to

It was always going to come as we have the quality in the squad to get results like this.

We have been playing the way we want to play and even when we haven’t been able to, like at Everton and Liverpool, we have now been able to grind out results.

Of course, the youngster himself has contributed to Arsenal’s resurgence with some fine performances. When Wenger signed him early in the summer, there were a few groans from a section of our supporters, who thought it unwise to invest in another unproven talent. It’s safe to say those voices have long been drowned out by the raucous reception the Ox receives everytime he takes to the pitch.

Another Arsenal player who’s happy with life as a Gooner is Andre Santos.

I feel very well, people here have received me with open arms, and I mean everyone, the Club, the staff and the fans.

People recognise me on the streets and ask for photographs, people have great respect and charisma and they make me feel at home here. I’m super happy, I’ve adapted and now all I want is to make history with this club.

The left back’s return to fitness has coincided with Arsenal’s brilliant form. For now, Kieran Gibbs’ performances are keeping the samba specialist out of a starting place, but he may still be required to play a part in ensuring Arsenal clinch that vital third place and it’s good to see he is raring to go.

Lastly, Joey Barton is desperate to beat Arsenal when they visit on Saturday. He says:

We’re as desperate for the points as they are, for totally different reasons. There are livelihoods on the line here. People’s careers are on the line.

It’s a little over-dramatic from the attention seeking twit, but Arsenal will be warned; facing teams battling for their premier league survival can sometimes be harder than slugging it out with title rivals. The players will need to heed Arsene Wenger’s words, and focus on the task at hand on Saturday.

A preview of the QPR game will be posted tomorrow morning. Until then, rest easy.


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2 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Urges Focus Ahead Of QPR, Alex And Andre Speak

  1. ChrisN on said:

    Looks like Kos is not playing… Probably due to the suspension risk if he picks up a yellow, which might be more of a risk than normal given that Barton will be cheating as much as us humanly possible like the last time we playe QPR. Hope we batter them!

    • Agree with you about shielding Kos from Barton. Although I am still a bit worried about his injury, there’s been no news from Arsenal. From what I am reading, the initial recovery from tendinitis is 2-4 days but full recovery may take as much as 4-6 weeks. Hopefully it’s just as we think and he’s being rested, but it will be interesting to hear from Arsene today. Fingers crossed.

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