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Hello World (and especially Gooners everywhere)!

Hello World, indeed!

As an avid blog reader, I have been meaning to start one of my own for a while now. For a long time though, I thought a widget was a female midget – one of the reasons I have procrastinated from taking the plunge into the bewildering abyss of blogosphere.

Until now.

Now, I feel equipped with at least a basic understanding of how to get my ramblings online. And as I go along, I’ll keep tinkering and hopefully the aesthetics will fall into place too. In the meantime, if you return here tomorrow and the blog looks like it’s been hit by a truck, please be patient – it’s just me fiddling around.

As the name suggests, this blog is primarily about football and more specifically, about the greatest club the world has ever seen – Arsenal FC.

My affair with Arsenal started in the mid-90s, wholly due to one man. A certain Dennis Bergkamp. He was my favourite player at the ’94 World Cup and I began following the Gunners since his arrival. Within a year, Arsene Wenger brought his distinct footballing philosophy to the club, and the love has got stronger ever since.

I am a passionate fan of the club. Over the years, Arsenal has provided me with innumerable moments of magic and beauty, albeit tempered recently with heartaches as well. This blog will take in other footballing stories too, but will mainly focus on news and views surrounding Arsenal.

Please do comment and share your views. And you can follow @ArsenalDepot on Twitter as well.

So with some trepidation, I hit the ‘Publish’ button and send this out to the World. Welcome to ArsenalDepot!


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One thought on “Hello World (and especially Gooners everywhere)!

  1. shabbir lokhandwala on said:

    Fantastic endevour. Liked your style. Keep it up. And dont worry about the rss feeds and other technical stuff. You will figure that out. All the best. Will be checking this out. Keep the blogs coming.

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